Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Gathering Information on Accomplishments

for Your Resume


Chapter 2: Preparing Brief Explanations of Your



PART 2: Tools to Get the Interview


Chapter 3: The All-Important, Door-Opening Resume


Chapter 4: The Cover Letter -Why it is Useful and How

it Should be Crafted


PART 3: Its More than Answering Ads and Online Postings


Chapter 5: Networking – How to Get to Level 3 andWhat

Level 3 is All About


Chapter 6: Other Ideas on How to Stand Out from the



PART 4: Preparing for the Interview


Chapter 7: Traditional Job Interview Questions 


Chapter 8: Interview Questions for the Job-Seeker


PART 5: The Interview


Chapter 9: Dress for Success


Chapter 10: The Interview Process


Chapter 11: The TMI Syndrome


Chapter 12: Oops!


PART 6: Current Considerations and Special



Chapter 13: Social Media, References, Background Checks, and Skill and Fit Testing


Chapter 14: Over 55 and No OneWants Me


Chapter 15: Getting to “Youre Hired”


Chapter 16: Ideas From Others